Our Winemaker

Tim Pelquest-Hunt’s wine story began with humble roots at a suburban Sydney wine store while completing his Bachelor of Music and Arts at the University of New South Wales. With very little wine knowledge, the young Tim quickly became intrigued by the world of wine. Fate took a turn when the Fine Wine Manager at the store one day approached Tim with a glass and asked him to describe what he smelled and tasted. His talent for wine tasting was quickly identified and his newfound passion soon took over.

Over the subsequent years he cultivated his wine knowledge and rose through the ranks to take on the role of Fine Wine Manager while completing his completing his studies. Although Tim loved tasting and marketing wine, he needed to delve deeper. Subsequently, he took a leap of faith to enroll in the Viticulture and Oenology graduate program at Lincoln University (NZ), relocated to Christchurch and boy, are we glad he did.

After completing his studies at Lincoln, Tim fused a passion for winemaking with his desire to see the world becoming a “travelling winemaker”.

In the years to follow, Tim held various winemaking positions across the globe, including New Zealand, Hunter Valley, Tasmania and Rheinhessen (Germany). He then went on to specialise in sparkling vinification in West Sussex (UK) and Napa Valley (US).

Tim is a dux of the Australian Wine Research Institute’s “Advanced Wine Assessment Course” and wine show judge at regional, national and international levels. He also sits on the Barossa Wine Show committee. Tim is a fervent advocate for promoting the quality and sustainable growth of the Australian wine industry both locally and globally.

In 2021 Tim was selected as a scholar for the 2022 Len Evan’s Tutorial, which is dubbed as “the most exclusive wine school in the world”.

To be entrusted with custodianship of an iconic and historic wine brand in Orlando is extremely humbling. Orlando was formulative in developing my love of wine. None more so than Steingarten Riesling, which was the first case I ever purchased. The rich tapestry of Orlando’s winemaking history reshaped the face of the Australian wine industry by assisting in defining regional classics and this concept of “sense of place” in a glass. These are special wines from treasured places. Alongside a talented team, I look forward to continuing this legacy while influencing the evolution of wine styles that will excite palates everywhere.